What is a concierge security operative?

What is a concierge security operative?

Concierge security operatives blend safety assurance with customer service expertise to give premise managers and patrons a port of call for all issues.

What is a concierge security operative?

They are a familiar and friendly face in residential and commercial buildings across Australia – security personnel that combine their role with customer service and wider premises management abiities. Without these individuals the safety of building patrons could be compromised and guests would lose an immediate port-of-call for assistance and pressing queries. Blending security and services duties offers the best of both world in a concierge security operative position.

What are the responsibiltiies of a concierge security operative?

Security personnel often have a limited range of tasks to perform in aiding the day-to-day operations of commercial and residential premises. This has come from an outdated notion that all security operatives offer is muscle in case of emergency – but this simply isn’t the case.

Concierge security operatives blend safety assurance with customer service, offering guests peace of mind and an outlet for questions. These individuals are responsible for a range of tasks including:

  • Providing customer services to help fulfill building users’ requests.
  • Performing adminstrative duties such as logging entrances and exits from the premises and monitoring building maintenance teams, such as cleaners.
  • Using professionally developed interpersonal skills to keep residents informed about developments and to reduce the risk of security threats from arising.

Concierge security operatives offer security and customer services in reception spaces of commercial and residential buildings.

Depending on the facility, concierge security operatives can also offer other ad-hoc services such as chauffeuring, crowd control and premises management. These abilities are designed to address the idea of security services as an inconvenient expense, and to replace it with concierge security operatives as vital members of your operations. On top of these customer service functions, concierge security operatives also provide the services you’d expect from security personnel, such as:

  • Defusing viol
    ent or offensive situations that may develop in the facility.
  • Handling and safely removing dangerous individuals from the building to ensure the safety of guests or residents are not compromised.
  • Filing incident reports and liaising with police following on-premises altercations.

What are the benefits of employing a concierge security operative?

Commercial enterprises and residential properties often see physical security measures as a necessity, rather than an opportunity to add value to operations. Concierge security operatives represent an astute approach to security and customer service management – combining the two roles into one highly trained operatives means:

  • Businesses get the best of both worlds. They can rest assured that their patrons are protected from all manner of security threats while also receiving the friendly guidance and personable manner of an expert in people management.
  • Building administration and processes can be more easily managed by personnel on the ground and exposed to the day-to-day of operations. This ensures maintenance and guest record keeping is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Facility operators get more value for money. An individual that can expertly fulfil two roles at the same time ultimately adds less stress to operational expenses.

Concierge security operatives combine security and administrative duties.

Convinced by the positives that come with employing a concierge security operative?

Your next thought may be about how to go about hiring one – that’s where security service providers come in. Hiring a security candidate works best if they have been trained by experts in the industry to deliver on security measures and customer services. Working with a security services business such as Exact Security means:

  • Your property receives a concierge security operative that best suits your operations and requirements – security service providers only pair your business with security personnel who fit your practical and brand requirements.
  • The individual managing your building security has experience in numerous security and customer service situations and is trained to respond appropriately.
  • Business operators can avail themselves of other security measures to complement their concierge security operative should they want to extend their premises’ protection.

Apartments and commercial buildings don’t just work with Exact Security – they partner with us.

This is Exact Security’s core belief – in our team’s experience, security operatives can drive positive change in how a building is run and is viewed by guests. This difference sets us apart in the security services industry and has led to us working with businesses in different fields across New South Wales.

When you partner with Exact Security, you begin a rich relationship with experts in the sector committed to working out a security solution perfect for your premises. While concierge security operatives represent a sound investment in many situations, we also offer other security options, including CCTV and access control systems. To get the conversation about your building security started, reach out to the Exact Security team.