About Exact

What We Do

We deliver solutions that make a difference. Quality solutions aimed at protecting your valued assets – your people, your property, your reputation. Exact’s experience & expertise extends over the entire range of security disciplines – from risk management & planning to guarding; electronic security systems to training on all security related issues. With years operating in highly regulated and legislated industries Exact brings experience, systems and protocols that ensure compliance.

How We Do It

Partnerships! Our experience shows that working in partnership with our clients produces the best outcomes. Our first step is to Listen, Look and Learn about your specific circumstances, your needs.

Our solutions are developed and implemented guided by three drivers:

    • Your needs,
    • Exact Quality Management
    • Exact’s Company Values – Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Honesty





The Principles Of Exact Quality Management


Meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs is the primary focus of EXACT’s quality management program. We recognize it is this that will determine the long term success of EXACT.


More consistent and predictable results are produced when we understand that processes link together and function as a system.


Reacting to changes in the internal and external environment is the key to improvement and essential for Eaxct to deliver value for our customers. This is important in today quickly evolving conditions


Strong leadership is vital to a unified direction, shared understanding, and therefore to successfully maintaining our customer focus.


Making decisions is never easy and naturally involves a degree of uncertainty. EXACT ensures that decisions are based on the analysis and evaluation of data – our decisions are evidence-based.


Our ambition to create value for our customers requires competent, empowered and engaged people at all levels of the EXACT organisation.


People, teams and processes do not exist in a vacuum. By ensuring they are managed as one coherent quality management system, EXACT will achieve sustainable success.


Our relations with stakeholders is essential to success – to deliver value to our customers we understand that our relationships with suppliers must also contain value and mutual benefits.

Why We Do It

It’s simple We want to make a difference and we are passionate about security. In fact, our firm belief is that high quality security – planning, systems and operatives – does much more than protect assets, it can and does impact on the quality of our businesses, our lives and our communities.

We aim to “raise the bar” when it comes to security. By working on this with our clients we can make a difference – and gain a competitive edge for our clients

Who We Are

We are subject matter specialists with experience and expertise covering all domains – leadership, management, operations and administration. Our Management & Administration Team, our Board of Directors and all our Operatives are committed to unlocking their own potential, making a stronger team and adding value to each other and the our clients. Find out more about the Exact Management & Administration Team.