Security Operations – Cost Or Investment?

Security Operations – Cost Or Investment?

How do you mover security operations move from being a cost centre to being an investment that offers a return. It can be done. There are 5 key commitments that will set you on the way.

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In the modern environment there is no escaping the need for security. In many industries security is mandatory either due to regulation or customer demand or, quite often, both.

So often mandatory is treated as “necessary evil” – a cost to the business that, at all costs, should be miinimised as much as possible.

There can be some very big costs in adopting this approach – paring back too much can leave you vulnerable to risk and your customers not feeling valued.

At the opposite extreme there are operators who, with little analysis or assessment, spare no expense in an effort to avert risk. The dangers in this approach are unnecessary spending and creating a business that operates more like a high security prison than a venue simply wanting customers to feel secure and safe as they interract.

There is a better approach – one that minimises your risk, maximises customer satisfaction and potentially offers a postive return on your investment.

This approach involves making 5 commitments around your security operation – we call it the SCOUT approach.

Security Culture for the business.

Customer Service focus for your security teams.

Ongoing and consistent training including the two commitments above.

Updat, Upgrade and Unite your security teams and operations.

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