Premium Security – A Stronger Case Than Ever

Premium Security – A Stronger Case Than Ever

In 2019 we prepared a whitepaper – The Case For Premium Security – outlining the arguments for engaging quality security.

It is a strong case, made even stronger by recent events. Well, the Victorian COVID-19 quarantine experience, is no greater illustration of the maxim:

The true cost of security is the cost of security failure!


There are many contributing factors to the Victorian situation and we’ll find out more detail when inquiry report will be delivered in early November.

But there is one irrefutable fact – if you want a high standard from your security team, you have to lead the way.

Here some steps you can take to guard yourself against security failure:

  • Look for the provider that can deliver the security outcomes you need. Clearly your budget is an important consideration but remember to asses the cost, risk and consequence of failure and factor it into your budgetary calculations. Basically refuse to be part of the “race to the bottom” – the “bottom” is not a place you want to be.
  • Treat your relationship with the provider as a partnership. An excellent provider will always be looking for ways they can deliver better solutions, the success of your business will be on their minds.
  • Look closely into how your provider runs their business, how they deliver their solutions to their clients. Look at things like:
    • how they select their operatives,
    • their operative training & induction programs,
    • reporting protocols,
    • WHS Systems,
    • their programs for quality or business imrpovement,
  • Check their references.

To find out more about WHY looking for a Premium Security Solution is important you can download our whitepaper:  The Case For Premium Security

If you would to discuss this and how it affects your security needs, we are only a phone call or email away: Contact Exact Security