Increase BOTH Carpark Safety And VIP Customer Experience.

Increase BOTH Carpark Safety And VIP Customer Experience.

By capturing license plates of cars entering your carpark you open the doors to better carpark security and the opportunity to ramp up your service to VIP customers.

How does your venue respond when a car enters your carpark?

Probably not at all.

Imagine the car belongs to one of your VIP customers. Should something be set in train?

Sure, you may have a designated area for your VIPs but still your customer service team won’t kick into gear until they are greeted by your reception team or your concierge … or whoever is the first contact at entry.

Now, what if your VIP drove into your carpark and your customer service team received an alert, something like:

“Be prepared, Mr Jones – VIP Member 1357 is approaching.”

Your team then kicks into gear preparing exactly the type of welcome and visit preferred by Mr Jones. Maybe he likes a polite and respectful “Good evening, Mr Jones” without too much attention or fuss. Maybe he would like his favourite drink waiting for him … whatever presses Mr Jones’buttons,  has it covered in advance of him walking through your doors.

This can be done! Easily, by making use of improved technology in capturing car license plate numbers.

Integrated Infrared Illumination and White Light Filtering ensures the camera can capture readable images of license plates in the most challenging lighting conditions.

And the High Image-Rate Sensor allows for clear plate capture for cars traveling at up to 80kmph.

The high quality and sleek features that are typical of Avigilon products are seen to advantage in this camera. When it comes to installation the options for mounting provide flexibility. The vandal resistant casing and the IP66 rating for difficult climatic or weather conditions makes the camera extremely resilient in most situations.

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