5 Criteria For Your COVID-19 Safe Hygeine Marshalls.

5 Criteria For Your COVID-19 Safe Hygeine Marshalls.

Our industry is no stranger to the challenges of keeping our customers safe – at some point in time, every venue has confronted situations where clients are potentially endangered at some point in their history

It is part of the mix for hospitality – sometimes things can get “a little off-track”.

Now, add COVID-19 to that mix and “a little off-track” can have very serious implications for the venue, its clients and the wider community.

Having the COVID-19 Safety Plan is a good start. But it is not enough! To execute the plan you need the right people with the right skills and training.

If you have that you’re well on the way to keeping your venue safe AND also delivering great customer service outcomes AND resolving any conflict rising from the anxiety we are all experiencing.

Fortunately, as an industry we have both the knowledge and the experience to meet the challenges we face.

COVID Safe Hygiene Marshalls – Who Can Best Fill The Role?

It may look like an easy role – but a lot rides on it AND if something does go wrong it can go wrong in a big way.

So, your attention in filling the COVID Marshall role is warranted. We believe the ideal Marshalls are people who:

  • Have had training in and retain full knowledge of the compliance requirements, how they impact your venue and each sector within your venue.
  • Are adept and experienced in dealing with difficult customers and situations.
  • Are able to take decisive action when needed.
  • Understand and apply the principles of customer service and the customer service ethic that operates in your venue.
  • You are satisfied can represent your business, your brand.


It is important for everyone that this role is taken very seriously – so much is at stake.

Whether you’re using your own team or outsourcing, make sure your COVID Marshalls are able to deliver high levels of safety compliance, security and customer service.

Exact’s experience and expertise in clubs, pubs and licensed venues is extensive. The team at Exact completely understands that every venue has its own specific needs and challenges.

For an open and honest assessment and discussion of your needs, Exact is the team to have on your side.

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