Training is an essential priority in the security industry.


Essential Security Training at it’s finest

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Training is essential to security. To deliver the safest environment possible every security operative and every security management team needs to be continually learning new techniques. Building a culture that shapes your organisation to suit both your customer service ambitions and your obligations to safety, security and compliance also requires training.

We are very particular about the training of our own teams and we’re just as particular when preparing and delivering training programs to your teams. We will adjust and tailor our training programs to deliver the outcomes your business needs.

Comprehensive program

Our training programs focus on 3 main disciplines – Conflict Resolution; Customer Service; Leadership.

Conflict Resolution Training

Fostering effective relationships in your business and personal life is critical for success but you will always come across some conflict. Exact Security provides conflict resolution training that arms you with the skill to quickly resolve disputes and decrease tension and anxiety. Having the emotional intelligence and communication skills to disperse anger and antagonism in any situation is vital for personal and professional health.

Customer Service

Your team will emerge from our Customer Service training with a deep understanding of its importance and the skills developed to ensure they deliver exactly the sort of customer experience you need. We train our Operatives with your customers in mind, we can apply the training to your staff. Our Customer Service Training can be extended with our programs on Security Awareness, Security Culture or Leadership.


Our Leadership program is designed to install a higher level of leadership in the culture of your business. Our view is that effective leadership can and should be practiced by everyone in the team – a leadership culture simply can’t be denied. One of our Leadership Training Programs is exceptionally highly recommended – Leadership & Advance Conflict Resolution – as well as building the leadership resources this program raises the security consciousness and culture.

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