Centurion Control Stick


Revolutionising Close Proximity Defensive And Compliance Situations

Changing The Dynamics Of Security Operations

The Centurion Control Stick, soon to be released in Australia, is designed as a compliance tool for close-proximity situations and for self-defence. It is a ‘pain compliance’ device used to control with a minimal amount of force. Most importantly there is no residual pain or injury to the person to whom it is applied.

The Centurion Control Stick has been in constant use in law enforcement and security operations throughout the United States for decades, with over 4,000 agencies currently using this incredible device. There is no known litigation that has arisen from its use.

Local regulators and government departments have indicated that no weapons classification applies which would restrict the application of The Centurion Control Stick in Australia. Exact Security holds the exclusive national distribution rights for the product.


Primary application of the Centurion Control Stick centres around controlling and de-escalation of situations involving persons who are

Violent and Aggressive

Alcohol Affected

Drug Affected

Suffering from mental illness and are a threat to themselves or other people