Additional Services

One of the features differentiating Exact Security Operatives is the training they undertake. Our training programs are available for delivery to your teams. Our training focus is on three main disciplines – Conflict Resolution; Customer Service; Leadership. We also offer vocational courses and RSA, RCG and First Aid programs some of which are delivered through our partner, Barringtons.

Businesses today are required to mitigate risk through effective risk management plans. A current documented risk mitigation strategy is a big step to providing a safe and secure work environment – one that protects people, property, information and reputation. Implementing those strategies is the next progression. We work with businesses in both the development and implementation of these strategies and plans.

The Control Stick is a device for close proximity situations where there is a need for either self-protection of to  ensuring compliance. Once an operative is trained in its use the device is effective and there has been no known negative or injurious result from its application.

Exact’s electronic security division offers an end to end service – from system design through installation to ongoing maintenance. Many of our clients utilise a combination of premium security operatives with sophisticated electronic security and surveillance – this is a powerful combination delivering great synergies.

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