Specialist Security


Security Personnel  To Protect Your Assets

The great diversity in security planning, strategy and operations demands the attention of security specialists.

Exact Security’s risk mitigation experts provide a level of protection rarely offered in today’s constantly shifting environment. We are equipped and
licenced to provide personnel that meet any and all your security needs, including:

  • Static Security Operatives
  • Roving Operatives
  • Control Room Operators
  • Traffic Management
  • Event Planning & Security
  • Concierge Security
  • VIP Personal Protection
  • Location Reconnaissance

VIP Personal Protection

see our page on Close Personal Protection

Location reconnaissance

ensuring your venue selection for that high level business meeting or conference is secure from threat.

Supply Chain Security

threats to your supply chain represent an increasing concern for modern businesses. As they say, every chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Electronic Sweep Teams


What They Say

Exact Security provides your assets

24 hour protection, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Static security and patrols  for all types of industries and purposes

Construction, commercial property, event bump-in or bump-out, hospital, transport, broadcasting, retail, education and councils.


Static Guarding

Property Protection at its best

Static guarding is one of the most common methods of achieving that protection – you’ll see static security operatives in many places from an individual retail premise through to community events, construction projects, transport, hospitals and government buildings.

As the title implies Static Security is dedicated to looking after a very defined premise or area – it doesn’t mean they are always stationary. Their role is to protect your property. This may involve everything from simply keeping watch to access control, checking visitor or staff entry, safety checks and audits, reporting and taking action to minimize potential threats.



Protection and security even when you are there

Patrolling is a methodology mainly used for properties left unattended outside business hours. Patrols generally provide protection across a range of properties – moving from property to property as a visual deterrent and responding to alerts or alarms when necessary. They will also conduct checks on entry points, and alarm or lock systems.


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