Crowd Control Security


Crowd control protocols and operatives.

Wherever there is a crowd, there is a need to have controls.

Excellent crowd control protocols and operatives deliver many benefits they key one being an event that is enjoyed by patrons who feel there safety is not compromised. Other benefits include crime reduction, reduced vandalism, staff safety, property protection and reputation enhancement.

Exact Crowd Control Operatives are also trained and briefed to act as customer contact resources – guiding, directing and providing information for customers, clients and attendees.

Exact Security offers vast experience in crowd control logistics, planning and operations. Our experience includes pre- and post-event planning and operations including negotiation & liaison with relevant authorities, regulators and police.

Features Of Exact Security’s Crowd Control Services

Crowd control is a challenging type of security service. If things go wrong it can be very visible and have the potential to escalate. It takes very strong planning and skilled operatives to minimise risks and maximise effectiveness without compromising patron enjoyment.

Our objective is to ensure your security and safety needs are met without over-servicing or jeopardising customer comfort and enjoyment.

Exact Security personnel

Our Personnel are skilled in both crowd control and customer service – your customers will feel protected as well as valued.

Early detection

The early detection of potential problems is enhanced by proactive profiling techniques – early action inhibits escalation.

Exact operatives

Our operatives are trained to be courteously assertive. Not aggressive nor defensive – just firm and polite.

Training and site induction

Our operatives learn what they need to know BEFORE they begin working for you – both training and site induction are vital components of Exact operations.

Uniformed and plain-clothed operatives

We offer both uniformed and plain-clothed operatives Our uniformed personnel are easily recognised and very visible.

Strategic Plan Development

Our planning experience and expertise for developing strategies to cover pre- and post-event necessities – traffic and pedestrian management plans, liasing with local authorities and regulators, and licensing compliance issues.

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