With its history in the NSW Club Industry, Exact Security has a deep and comprehensive knowledge of gaming, gaming installations, and gaming patrons. We pay particular attention to ensuring any security presence is both effective and unobtrusive.

If the true cost of security is the cost of security failure … failure of security in gaming has the potential to be ruinous.  Getting it right is vital.

It can even mean a point of difference over your competitors.

Exact Security’s range of services, skills, and experience offer incredible value to your gaming operation.

From surveillance right through to VIP Concierge services, our aim is to protect your patrons, your people, your assets, and your reputation.

Our specialised gaming services include:

-  VIP Gaming Concierge
-  electronic monitoring & surveillance systems
-  undercover surveillance operations
-  security operatives; static & roving guards
-  security planning
-  training – advanced conflict resolution.

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