Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems regulate who enters controlled areas … and when. It is a fundamental aspect of property security and is generally seen as the second layer in securing a physical structure.

Good access control systems allow easy movement of authorised personnel while preventing the entry of those who are unauthorized.

Each premise is individual and requires a unique access control system.

Exact Security’s products and services cover organisations of all sizes and premises types and include:

  • Prowatch
  • Tecom
  • Inner Range Concept 4000
  • Pacom Systems
  • Red Cloud Security
  • S2 Security

Access Control Systems –The Benefits

The benefits of quality access control systems include:

  • Integration with other aspects of your security
  • Control movement of personnel
  • Protection of assets and people
  • Measure movement

Access Control Systems – The Features

An access control system for a medium to large premises would have the following features:

  • Usage records
  • Access rights
  • Good Integration Capability
  • Not Affect Quality Usage (including Customer’s Experience)
  • Cost Effective in Terms of Your Uses

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